I have missed you forever is a Dutch National Opera Production

showing as part of the Opera Forward Festival from 12-18 March 2022


We are at ITA, where a funeral or memorial service is held to honour AMARI.

A DOG who acts like a friend, a guardian, different people appear, assemble or gather. They all recall memories of AMARI. They tell their own stories, revive specific scenes. They piece together shreds from the past.

We understand that AMARI comes in different shapes and forms. None of these characters fully understands everything about themselves. Each of them realizes in some way that not only they, but everyone in this space has been prosecuted or outcast or uprooted.

But today, they form a community.   Beyond segregation, the performance of their requiem leads to a powerful sense of community.

Concept & creation Lisenka Heijboer Castañón, Manoj Kamps, Antonio Cuenca Ruiz, Sarah Sluimer, Pete Harden, Carmen Schabracq,  Atelier Clement, Hendrik Walther

Music  Ethan Braun, Rick van Veldhuizen, Sarah Hennies, Lingbo Ma, Stephanie Pan

Text  Sarah Sluimer, Alma Mathijsen, Romana Vrede, Olivier Willemsen, Esther Mugambi

Musical Direction Manoj Kamps
Direction Lisenka Heijboer Castañón
Costume and Mask design Carmen Schabracq
Stage design Atelier Clement
Lighting design Hendrik Walther
Dramaturgy Antonio Cuenca Ruiz
Musical dramaturgy Pete Harden
Text dramaturgy Sarah Sluimer


images by Bart Grietens

Chloë Abbott
Marc Alberto
Berima Amo
Jonathan Bonny
Katharine Dain
Reinaldo Donoso
Efe Erdem
Aktas Erdogan
Gil Gomes Leal
Manoj Kamps
Yung-Tuan Ku
Luciana Mancini
Esther Mugambi
Wilco Oomkes
Stephanie Pan
Edu Rojas
Maciej Straburzynski
Thora Sveinsdóttir
Cody Takács
Patrick Votrian