Chapman For President (2017)

Chapman for President is a live, on-stage ‘pictureless-Movie’ that takes you away on a hallucinating train-trip through landscapes, suburbia, and revolutions following souls that leave a lasting mark. Performed by ten musicians, one foley-artist, and two actors, the 90-minute long auditive experience allows the audience to use their own imagination and imagery to create their own personal film. The interwoven elements of poetry, story-telling, music, and foley, make the audience part of the work as a creator themselves. Responsible for your own experience the senses are heightened and will create a highly personal series of images.

Composition: Eef van Breen
Concept: Eef van Breen, Judith Schoneveld, Matthias Mooij
Live music and foley effects: Eef van Breen Group
Spoken word: Anne Vegter, Ko van den Bosch
Spoken word English version: Esther Mugambi, Michael Jahoda