Sightless Seeing #4: Acquisitions.

Performative tour by Sarah van Lamsweerde in collaboration with Alicia Hoost and Leroy de Böck, as part of the exhibition In the Presence of Absence at  Stedelijk Museum Amsterdam

In collaboration with actor Leroy de Böck and heritage specialist and performer Alicia Hoost, Sarah van Lamsweerde has developed a performance disguised as a tour through the exhibition In the Presence of Absence. Through self-designed rituals and stories, two fictional guides question conventional means of acquiring knowledge and experiencing culture. Together with visitors, they will explore how sharpened senses enable them to look “through” the works on display. The performance is accessible for persons with or without visual impairments.

Costume design: Janneke Raaphorst
Hosts: Esther Mugambi and Alina Ozerova