The Wood For The Trees (2005)

A solo performance on the multiplicity of a personage; the key image being a multitude of small identical ‘Esther dolls’ projected on the back wall via live camera. A performance about the nature of camouflage and the struggle to connect with the world within the confines of one’s subjectivity.

Concept and performance: Esther Mugambi

Dramaturgy/Scenography: Bertram Dhellemmes

Production: Danswerkplaats Amsterdam

Melkweg Theatre, Amsterdam 2005
Springdance Fesitival, Utrecht 2006

‘With the help of a camera and a small army of mini-Mugambis –dolls dressed in the same khaki pants and yellow shirt –, this lady with her presence and beautiful voice creates a telling, funny, blown-up portrayal of “being”.
You are what you are, a product of your surroundings, genes, name, language, family et cetera. An irrevocable truth. And yet you want so badly to melt with the other one. Mugambi has the whole auditorium singing it, full of swing, ‘I’ll be us, I’ll be we, I’ll be your background, your sideline.’’

Volkskrant (April 20, 2006) – Mirjam van der Linden