Sans-Nam (2020)

A film by Alejandro Ramirez
Written by Vincent Hessling, Alejandro Ramirez
Narrated by Esther Mugambi
Music by Gagi Petrovic


Sans-nam is without a name, with no name, nameless. sans-nam is a film that is made of Tin, that relates to Tin and is surrounded by Tin, but that is not about Tin. sans-nam tells the story of what happens when a mineral, culture, and technology make a leap by cooperating. The Tin trade, sailors mastering the wind, and the development of the stockholder association made possible the birth of the first global corporation—this is sans-nam. sans-nam is not a linear narrative and it is not deprived of humor. sans-nam is made of voices and images, miniatures and models: an archipelago of events arrayed on a lightable as if fate could be arranged and rearranged, made and unmade at a fortune teller’s will. sans-nam chooses a path among the infinite paths in which a story can be told: that of Tin.