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‘Esther Mugambi thinks visually, writes musically and communicates as a dancer,
effortlessly crossing all sorts of dividing lines, whether they are continental,
national, ethnic, racial, cultural or even tribal. Her equipment consists of
a radiant smile, a video camera and an unlimited sense of self-irony.’
Boris Gerrets

Esther Mugambi (1974) is based in Amsterdam and has performed throughout Europe, USA, Africa, Australia and Great Britain.
Mugambi is a multidisciplinary performance artist who has shown her work in theatres, galleries and music venues.


2006-2009 Masters in Performance DasArts, Amsterdam
2000-2002 Mime School Amsterdam AHK Theaterschool, Amsterdam
1996-1998 BA(Theatre)University of Western Sydney, Wits University, Johannesburg
1992-1994 BSc (Biochemistry) University of Sydney

Performance and Directing Experience

Tell/Sell, Amsterdam, Sarah van Lamsweerde, Stedelijk Bureau Amsterdam
Chapman for President, Eef van Breen Group, Casco, Amsterdam

Akasha - A Brief Theatre of Everything, Rosa Ensemble, Rotterdam Festival
Paper is a Leaf, Sarah van Lamsweerde, Buda Vista Festival, Kortrijk
Yesterday's News, Esther Mugambi, Verso Amsteram

Trash Cuisine, Belarus Free Theatre, La Mama Theatre, New York
Trash Cuisine, Belarus Free Theatre, Young Vic Theatre, London
GeneesKunst Launch, E. Mugambi, Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam
Paper is a Leaf, Sarah van Lamsweerde Kortrijk residency, Amsterdam, Eindhoven
Akasha - A Brief Theatre of Everything, Rosa Ensemble, Pilot at November Music, Rotterdam

Tell/Sell, Sarah van Lamsweerde, De Appel Artspace Amsterdam
Select the Right Location (film) Anna Moreno, Madrid

Rolling Stairs, Marloeke van der Vlugt, TekTok, The Hague
Trash Cuisine, Belarus Free Theatre, Edinburgh Fringe Festival, Young Vic Theatre London

Trash Cuisine, Belarus Free Theatre, Amsterdam Stadsschouwberg, Rotterdamse Schouwberg

Göttfunken, Rosa Ensemble in collaboration with Wilbert Busink, Geert Glas, NL tour
Falstaff, Verdi / Rosa Ensemble, Directed by Opera Spanga, Friesland, NL
Human Air Alarm, Yuri Veerman, Design Week, Utrecht and Amsterdam

Nannies Only, Erik Ward Geerlings, produced by Het Zuiderlijk Toneel (HZT), NL tour

Hybrid Eyes, E Mugambi. Amsterdam, the Hague, Brussels, Braunschweig
Homerun(one minute film) E. Mugambi, camera/edit Alex Fischer
Club Mama Gemütlich (film) Christiaan Bastiaans. Kroller Muller museum
Eurepica, Belarus Free Theatre, Netherlands, Italy, Sweden and UK

Kenya No Borders Online (video), E. Mugambi, Kampala, Brussels
Eurepica, Belarus Free Theatre, Lund, Sweden
Big Life Hi, Rosa Ensemble, NL tour
RosaSubRosa, Rosa Ensemble. Amsterdam, Utrecht
Roof, Rodrigo Pardo, Amsterdam

Meet the Artist, E.Mugambi and Kaisu Koski, Dasarts, Amsterdam
The Making Of, E Mugambi. music arranged by Rosa Ensemble, Utrecht, London, Linz
Welcome to Country, E Mugambi, Dasarts Festival
Transistor, Cecilia Vallejos, Amsterdam, Ghent
Continental Drift, Rosa Ensemble, NL tour
Aki Ann, Marloeke van der Vlugt. Dasarts, Amsterdam

In The Unlikely Event of a Water Landing, E Mugambi, Utrecht
the wood for the trees, E Mugambi. Amsterdam, Utrecht

Better Off Mute, E.Mugambi and Adva Zakai. Amsterdam, Antwerp
Waiting Room, Sarah Manya, Amsterdam, Utrecht
Onzichtbare Steden, Sarah van Lamsweerde, NL tour

In Defence of Vanity, E.Mugambi and Adva Zakai, Amsterdam
Total Brutal, Nir de Wolf, Amsterdam

Ludic Liminality, Don't Hit Mama and Inzalo Dance, Amsterdam and Johannesburg
Seeing You, Mati Elias, Amsterdam

BEEST, Suver Nuver Amsterdam, Utrecht, Rotterdam
Dutch Wife/ Dutch Life, Tomoko Take. Stedelijk Museum, Schiedam